Sunday, August 21, 2011

Napa Valley Art Festival Demonstration

Brent Jensen during art demonstration at the Napa Valley Art Festival. A great group assembled and had wonderful questions throughout the demonstration.

I painted this Fairfield scene of sunflowers and beehives. Choosing the correct scene for a demonstration is a balance between what can be achieved during the time allotted and what will hold interest.  The one red beehive box was perfect although I explained the placement would be enhanced if it were in moved from where it was in the photo. Artistic license is often underutilized and can make a large impact in a painting. I will finish the painting later this week so look on the Fresh Paint page of my website if you are interested in seeing the final product.


  1. Sorry I missd your demonstration! I was having a great time looking at all the art! Is that Fairfield scene near Rancho Solano?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the festival. This photo was taken on Rockville Road near Castaneda Bros. Produce farm. Should you be curious, the finished 8 x 10 painting is now on my Fresh Paint page.