Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mare Island

I've lived on Mare Island for three years and painted scenes on occasion. However, over the past weeks, I've explored the Industrial area where they are dismantling decommissioned ships.  I also am painting the largest plein air piece I've attempted, a 24 x 30, down by the docks. It has taken a few trips and I'm only half way through. It's a great experience. Here on Mare Island, we have the industrial docks, a marina, golf course, church, and historic buildings.
 Sunday afternoon was my second trip to this scene. First experience plein air painting a 24 x 30.
 This 5 x 8 scene is within walking distance of my home at the dry docks.
Mare Island Bow, a 6 x 8, was a blast to paint one afternoon. I'm feeling blessed to live on an island with so many compositions to paint.

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