Sunday, October 31, 2010

Results from Huihan Liu Workshop

I received several emails from my October 17 blog post wanting to see what I painted at Huihan Liu's workshop. Below is a 20 x 16 painting which isn't entirely finished, but was the culmination of the last four weeks of Saturday classes. My goal to be a well rounded painter is one reason I study from accomplished figure painters like Huihan Liu and still life painters such as Jean Chambers and Robert Johnson. The more I study figure and still life painting, the better I become with those compositions as well as in my landscape and plein air paintings.
Huihan Liu has a great instructional style in that he demonstrates a portion of the painting followed by students working on the same area. He recognizes educational levels of his workshop attendees and provides the appropriate level of individual attention.

The face close up demonstrates my emphasis on shadows and soft edges. In addition to feeling more comfortable painting figures, I've already made adjustments to my landscape paintings. My edgework is more refined and I'm layering more with my paints.

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