Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Paintings Featuring Architecture

I have heard complimentary comments at times on how I handle architecture in my oil paintings. For 15 years, I owned my own architectural illustration company. I've had years of practice with building percpectives. Some artists who come from a similar background have difficulty with soft edges. This video clip contains some of my oil paintings where architecture is a key element. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paris 30 x 40 - Brush Choice

This 30 x 40 painting, Paris, is too large of a canvas for plein air work. However, by painting often outside, I understand shadows as well as light and dark variations in photos. This understanding enables me to create a plein air feel in my larger studio pieces.

Another key element to executing a large painting is brush size selection. I used the large 1" brush (size 14 flat) shown in the photo above in 90% of this painting. Using a larger brush forces you to stay loose and create soft edges.

The close up of the boats in this painting highlight how using a large brush creates interest, emphasizes brush strokes which are applied with intention and allows for paint colors to blend together.

It has been several years since my last French painting trip. Luckily, with a quality camera, photos serve as an ongoing reliable inspiration. While studio painting Paris, my mind was transported back to my on location Paris experience. I hope you agree the finished painting transports you to a strole along the Seine.