Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Artist's Benefit

Vacation Promenade, 20  x 16

One benefit of being a full time artist is hanging recently completed oil paintings in my home for a period of time before going off to a gallery or someone's permanent home. I love the luxury of seeing my work in my living room or family room as I walk through the house. This allows me to see subtle edits that can be made and to experience the pure joy of my work. The downside is that sometimes I fall so in love with a piece that it becomes almost unbearable to part with it. Vacation Promenade brings back wonderful memories of my European paint trips. I believe I succeeded in capturing the activity of this street in Rouen, France. The shadows work well and the marbling effect unifies the painting nicely. I haven't had many blog comments lately (but then I haven't made too many posts either). Anyway, I would love to hear what you think of this piece. For you artists, do you also hang your own work in your home before sending them on to a gallery or buyer?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plein Air Workshop - Nov. 3-5, 2011 - Napa, Sonoma, St. Helena, CA

I intentionally keep the workshop small to assure individual attention. This time of year, the vineyards are turning colors and the painting scenes are plentiful. We will paint in St. Helena, Sonoma and Napa. Comments from past workshop attendees include:

“Brent is a natural-born teacher with the ability to impart knowledge and encouragement and take people where they are in their development and advance them to the next level.  He gave me a tremendous start, and since that time he has been more than willing to critique my work.”
“It’s the best workshop I’ve taken.”
“What I liked most about your workshop was your attention to addressing student weaknesses and your ability to help participants meet their goals.”
Future students can expect to be inspired by a friendly and open teacher. If you want to loosen your work, Brent’s the man.”
“Your excitement and enthusiasm to interpret subject matter is a tremendous boost to the process.”
Of the half dozen or so workshops taken, you stand out in one to one which is most important.”
“I would tell future workshop attendees they can expect personal attention geared to their level – and in my case, edge work and color enhancement.”
“The variety of locations was terrific.”

Download the two-page brochure on my About Me page of