Saturday, July 11, 2009

Artistic License

I recently discovered Soul Food Farm in Vacaville. They raise pastured chickens for both eggs and meat. The taste of fresh layed eggs by chickens that roam free and eat bugs for part of their natural nourishment is amazing. They also grow lavender.

Last week, when I went to pick up my eggs and chickens, I found this lavender field scene to paint. I'm showing the photo above as well as the finished painting below to illustrate artistic license. You'll notice I turned the tractor in the upper right portion of the photo into a red barn. In addition, I changed the color of the trees in the upper left portion of the painting. I believe both of these changes add greater interest. Your eye travels from the cart to the man picking lavender to the barn and then back again. This triangular effect is meant to move your eye around the painting. Lastly, I eliminated the white pipes in the foreground. It is important for artists to know what to add and what to leave unpainted in a composition.
Lavender Field 20 x 24


  1. Brent,

    This is lovely! I can almost smell the lavender!


  2. Thanks Carole,
    I happened on this scene while buying fresh eggs in the country. I'll go back here again.