Saturday, September 29, 2012

Before and After C.W. Mundy Workshop

Taos, NM was the location of C.W. Mundy’s five day still life workshop. I first met C.W. in 2005 when he taught a workshop in the Loire Valley of France. In addition to being a plein air painter, I strive to excel in still life paintings. As a life-long learner, workshops are an essential element in ongoing education.

C.W. has seven foundational truths of painting: Drawing; Squinting; Design; Value; Color; Edges; and Paint Manipulation. I incorporated each into the still life below which I painted after the workshop concluded. A few reasons I believe the  “after” painting succeeds compared to the “before” painting is because there is a more defined focal area. The orange has the brightest brights, next to the darkest dark. This is key to drawing your eye into the painting. Paying attention to still life values more in the “after” painting caused me to paint the upper portion darker and the table lighter. This achieves greater contrast and interest. The second copper pot has softer edges. It is not the focal point so not as much attention is placed here in the “after” painting. Do you agree the workshop helped the second painting succeed? Let me know if you have other questions as to paint choice differences between the two paintings.
Still life in preparation for C.W. Mundy workshop

"After" still life - same set up, but after C.W. Mundy workshop completed.


  1. Hi Brent, I like your web site, so interactive and your having a mentor in C. W. is great. I was in Carolyn Anderson class same time as you and we discussed sites, as I'm in the process of building one.
    Yes, I think your second painting better, center of interest more defined, color stronger. I so enjoyed the class, lodge, food and group. Would like to return.
    Any suggestions for me on a mentor?
    Pat Smith, Milwaukee.

  2. Hi Brent, Great Job. I took CW's P{ein air workshop this past spring in New Harmony. He is a wonderful teacher.I It's good to see that you still go to the master for his guidance. Love your work too!
    Martha Sando

  3. I was just looking around for some guidance on how to paint a copper pot in oil. Your second painting is indeed much better, cleaner, coppery and good color values. The sun is shining!

    1. Thanks Tina for your comment. I hope you have success with your copper pot painting. Brent