Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thick Paint and Marbling

Copper Pot & Hollyhocks is a 10 x 12 that I completed this weekend. The pot belongs to my Great Grandmother and the Hollyhocks came from my backyard. Combining the two was a melding of old and new in a nurturing tribute to her.

I am preparing for a still life workshop I will be taking from C.W. Mundy in September. He is my mentor and I look forward to continued progress with my still life work. This piece was painted from life in a studio set up.
Here, I played with thick paint. The key is to start thin then layer as the painting progresses. The thickest paint is applied to light areas. Thick paint facilitates both the accomplishment of soft edges and marbling paint. You can see both soft edges and how many paint colors run together or marble in the close up above.

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