Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Small Gems

I live a short distance from wine country in California. As a plein air painter, my world is full of opportunity. Being a full-time artist, I take advantage of the beauty close by and travel to Napa,  Sonoma, and Marin Counties often.  The pieces are usually too small to send to galleries. They adorn my home and studio. Below are some recent oil paintings I adore. Please email, or call me if you are interested in one of these gems for your collection.
Corner of the Vineyard, 5 x 7

Vineyard Study, 5 x 10

Hillside Trees, 5 x 7

Marin Morning, 5 x 7

Off Highway 116, 6 x 8


  1. These are such a beautiful collection of paintings. I just loved the all.

  2. Amazing blog and beautiful painting.
    Keep up the good work!