Sunday, May 1, 2011

C.W. Mundy

I first met C.W. Mundy when I attended his workshop in the Loire Valley of France in 2005. He was an exceptional instructor and created what remains a highlight of my life. C.W. was generous with his time and knowledge. I felt validated as a relatively new artist. Since that initial workshop, I have kept in contact with C.W. Through the subsequent years, he has been a true mentor. I found out this week that Southwest Art magazine is going to feature an article on C.W. in their July issue. A few of his students he has mentored will be interviewed and become part of the article. I am honored to have my interview tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to that issue. Congrats!!

  2. You are an amazing and talented artist!

  3. Looking forward to the issue. He's one of my fovourite artists.