Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting Partner


There are many wonderful advantages of being a full-time oil painter. One benefit is enjoying plein air painting with other artists. This week, I painted with Silvio Silvestri. We met at the La Quinta Arts Festival last year and since we live within driving distance, we had the opportunity to paint together. My 8 x 10 called House Shadows is one of two paintings I started that day.


  1. Very nice piece Brent. Love your work. I know Silvio from Sacramento's Capital Plein Air show and some painting classes with Don Hatfield we've taken together. You are both inspiring....

  2. Sylvio's a lot of fun. We had fun painting for the Hearst Castle event a few weeks ago. Poor Silvio was driving the museum guards crazy, because he kept leaning his equipment on "priceless artifacts" (marble statues, etc). We joked that the Castle security team should bring in Sylvio to train new security guards, because he really tested them!