Saturday, January 23, 2010

Editing a Painting

Once you find a compelling composition, editing the subject is another difficult process for many painters. I like to hang a painting in my studio or home for awhile. Sometimes, time allows me to realize what changes need to be made to a painting to improve it. Art is subjective and although a particular viewer may not agree with the changes, ultimately, the artist must stand behind his or her finished work. You may look at the before and after photos below and think, well of course the telephone pole should never have been in the middle of the painting. The point is there is a fine line between overworking and editing a painting. How much detail to include is a judgment balance I make with every painting.
I love telephone poles in country settings so the pole and wire was originally included in this 12 x 16 painting, Winter Colors.
Your eyes circle around in the final painting without the pole stopping your movement.

Shadow of Notre Dame, 16 x 12, originally included a woman in the center of the cross walk.
In the final painting, the woman was removed which balances the painting. I also added a warm glaze over the entire painting to give more of an old world feel.

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