Sunday, September 27, 2009

You Pick Flowers

I started canning for the first time in my life. I found this wonderful vegetable stand near my home where you can pick your own tomatoes. I spent $4 and now have 16 quarts of tomatoes as well as 2 quarts of salsa. While there, I saw this wonderful sign, "You Pick Flowers" next to the stand.

I had to paint it. Here are a couple of items worth pointing out. The pots were actually white buckets. What is so wonderful is how an artist can interpret the scene and often make it better. I hope you agree that making the pots terracotta is much more intriguing. Also, if you notice the white downward markings toward the middle of the center pot, that technique is dry brush.
One final note on how I handled the white wall moving into the darker room, which is a difficult transition to make. Adding the tan color tone toward the dark edge along with dry brush helps soften the corner and provides an element of interest.

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